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You can check frequently asked questions below. If your question isn't there, we're available through email or phone.

What is the estimated delivery date?

The maximum delivery estimate for orders in Continental Portugal is of 48 working hours after postage; For Azores and Madeira it can go up to 4 working days; For the rest of the world it can go up to 15 working days.

How can I order online?

To perform an order, select the products you wish and their respective quantities. To finish, use the button at the top of the web site to continue.

Do you ship worldwide?


Do I need to register to make an order?

Yes, we need your billing and shipping information, hence a required registration.

How can I pay for an order?

You can pay for your order via Paypal, Visa/Mastercard, MBWay, on delivery or by bank transfer.

I want a specific product not present in the catalogue. What should I do?

If you can't find a specific product, we recommend that you do a search using the input on the top right corner of the page. If you still can't find the product, our customer support is available through email and phone so that you may be notified of the product's availability.

The price of fabrics and ribbons?

All fabric and ribbon prices are for ONE LINEAR METER. The fabric is cut according to the customer's request. If you order 1.25 you will receive ONE METER AND TWENTY FIVE CM FABRIC with the respective width. You can order from .25 the desired quantity.

Do the values on display include a VAT?

All presented values include the current Portuguese VAT.


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