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Elna 845 - Maquina de Cose & Corte  [ Arco-Íris a Metro ]

Elna 845 - Maquina de Cose & Corte

Ref.: elna845
1,321.48€IVA INCLUÍDO (23%)

Uma maquina de cose & corte com a posibilidade de coser com 5/4/3/2 linhas.  Costura de recubrimento superior/inferior a 2-3 agulhas. 


Elna 845

The 5/4/3/2 thread Elna 845 overlock does so more than just finish seams. The Elna 845 overlock has been designed with today's sewers in mind - easy to use, fast to thread with many stitch variations. You have a choice of a wide range of built-in stitches. The Elna 845 also have a New feature - the Top Cover-Stitch!

Choose from 20 different programs that include three new top cover hem and three cover hem variations (5mm 2.5mm or triple), chainstitch, safety 4 thread, 3 thread, flatlock, narrow hem, rolled hem, etc. The large variety of stitches can be either functional or decorative. There is a stitch for every occasion and fabric!

Elna introduced the concept of presenting the stitch information directly on the overlock, almost eliminating
the need for a manual. Situated at eye level, the sewing set information is shown using easy to read symbols.

The control dials are located on the front of the machine. The Differential feed prevents fabrics from stretching or can be used to gather and create ruffles. The stitch length can be set between 0.5 and 5.0 mm, depending on your fabric and sewing needs.



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