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Magic Stack -n- Whack Quilts [ Arco-Íris a Metro ]

Magic Stack -n- Whack Quilts

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Um dos primeiros livros de Stack n Whack a sair.  Tambem um dos meus preferidos.  Este livro tem instrucoes detalhas para trabalhar a tecnica de Caleidoscopio com 30, 60 e 45°.  Muitos trabalhos lindissimos com uma só tecnica.  Em Ingles.

\Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilts

Author: Bethany S. Reynolds
Pages: 111
Page size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Cover: Soft
Publisher: American Quilter's Society

Back Cover Information

Have you always wanted to try your hand at making kaleidoscope, pinwheel, and star designs? Marvel at this simple method for rotary cutting these versatile blocks. The kaleidoscope effects occur spontaneously, thanks to the ingenious Stack-n-Whack™ techniques.

More than 200 how-to illustrations and dozens of color plates detail the process fully. In addition to covering fabric selection, the chapters provide step-by-step cutting and piecing directions for seven different blocks, and yardage and assembly directions for 14 projects ranging from small wall quilts to queen-sized bed quilts. A chapter on quilting includes designs and strategies to bring out all the beauty of these magical quilts.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 4
Preface 5
Introduction 6
Chapter One: Backstage 7
Setting the Stage: Fabric Selection 7
Magic Props: Supplies for Stack-n-Whack Quilting 14
Sleight of Hand: Rotary Cutting, Piecing, and Pressing Tricks 16

Chapter Two: Stacking the Deck: The Magician's Secret Revealed

Stack-n-Whack for Kaleidoscope Effects 20
Chapter Three: Half Square Triangle Magic 28
Kaleidoscope Pinwheel Throw Quilt 29
Kaleidoscope Pinwheel Queen Quilt 29
Pinwheel Plus Wall Quilt 35
Chapter Four: 45 Triangle Magic 41
Diamond Ring Wall Quilt 42
Diamond Ring Queen Quilt 42
Chapter Five: 45 Diamond Magic 52
LeMoyne Star Baby or Wall Quilt 52
LeMoyne Star Throw Quilt
Hands All Around Wall Quilt 62
Hybrid Lilies Wall Quilt 64
Chapter Six: 60 Triangle Magic 72
Hexagon Star Throw Quilt 73
Hexagon Star Wall Quilt 73
Hexagon Star Double Quilt 73
Chapter Seven: 60 Diamond Magic 84
Morning Star Queen Quilt 85
Morning Star Wall Quilt 85
Chapter Eight: The Curtain Call 95
Back Art 95
Quilting Designs and Strategies 95
Finishing with a Flourish: Bindings, Sleeves, and Labels 100
Guides and Patterns 103
Lesson Plans 110
Bibliography and Sources  

Magic Stack-N-Whack Quilt Examples

8 point stars examples
Eight Point Stars




45 degree kaleidoscope quilt
45° Kaleidoscope
60 degree triangle quilt
60° Triangles
45 degree triangle quilt
45° Triangles



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