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THERMAL ADHERANCE - VINYL  [ Arco-Íris a Metro ]

THERMAL ADHERANCE - VINYL  [ Arco-Íris a Metro ] THERMAL ADHERANCE - VINYL  [ Arco-Íris a Metro ] THERMAL ADHERANCE - VINYL  [ Arco-Íris a Metro ]


Ref.: 90144
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45cm wide X 5 METROS

A how-to apply

If you've never come across THERMALY APPLIED VINYL before. This is it.

 turns your fabrict into something a bit like an oilskin except you don't need any special sewing machine feet to be able to sew it.

Why would you want such a thing? Well, because it gives ordinary fabric a wipeable surface. It's suggested uses are; lunchbags, cosmetic bags. beach bags. tote bags, pencil cases, but I know that it's also being used to make wipeable place mats... wipeable baby changing mats that coordinate with baby 'changing bags'. Good idea that! I bet you can think lots more. So, if you do think of anything else then please share.... (Note: fabric cannot be laundered once lamifix has been fused to fabric.)

It doesn't look like much.... almost like a catering grade cling film. It comes in two finishes, this one has a glossy finish to it. It comes with quite detailed instructions about how to use it and how to apply the Lamifix to fabric. 

Basically, the 'film' is fused to fabric using the heat of an iron. However, there are a couple of necessary steps to follow to ensure success. First of all, you need to make sure that your fabric is smooth with no wrinkles and that the lamifix is free of any lint. It is inclined to be a little static but any 'bits' it does pick up can be lightly dusted away with a soft, lint free cloth. 


Vynal applied to some medium weight fabric.... it remains flexible like the original cloth - but now has a glossy finish and can be wiped clean. 

Brilliant isn't it? So, much clearer than instructions ...... there are videos for all the other Vilenes too..... perhaps I should get out more :)



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